With musical roots from hip-hop and nu-soul, Laura Preminger collects soul music of all fur and will offer a selection of different eras, with special emphasis on more innovative and contemporary sounds.In addition to having organized in his hometown Toulouse (France) severaleditions of the Girls On Track events; and “Miss Preminger Got Soul”, their sessions could also be heard in Bilbao (Soulero), Hamburg (45 Degrees Soul Club), Paris (Les Petites Gouttes), Stockholm (Tranan feat.Family Circle), Melbourne (The Carlton), Sydney (Motion), and in Barcelona,where he currently resides, in Sifó, Siesta Is Over, Gallery Hotel, Pulitzer Hotel, Curtis Audiophile Café ... His Shades program on Radio C / C focuses on soul music, hip-hop and R'n'B, as a game of reflections between periods and different styles.