Tamarindo is an art director, dj and collector. Mallorcan resident in Barcelona, ​​cultivates his passion for vinyl from an early age. His sets build infinite itineraries that reveal his eclectic and adventurous vision of music. Sometimes earthly, sometimes more cosmic, its incursion goes through Afrobeat, Psychedelic Cumbia, Tropical Beat, Turkish Psych, BrazilianTropical Funk and Indian Disco, and in turn takes off towards new styles such as New Wave, Broken Beat , the Italo, the Electro and the Early Electronic .. His style is always unpredictable, since from the subtlety overflowing with groove, he selects one theme after another to give a totally unique and personal approach to the design of his multicolored sets. From its monthly radio residence in Dublab, "Rocket Number Nine" takes the premises of a trip to build a sound brand that prints energy, movement, perspective and the will to illuminate the inexhaustible nuances that emanate from multiple corners of the globe. This hyperactivity has made her go through clubs like Yuyu, Laut, Brunch in the Park and other clubs in Barcelona