Is this a dog-friendly event?
Yes, we love dogs at Palo Market Fest. However, have in mind that it gets very crowded.

Do I need to but a ticket?
Yes, the ticket price is 4,5€, kids under 12 get in for free.

There are no refunds once you purchase the ticket.

- Jardines de Viveros Valencia 2020

Friday 23/5 from 18:00 to 24:00 8€ at the ticket office and 6€ online.

Saturday 24/5 from 12:00 to 24:00 8€ at the ticket office and 6€ online.

Sunday 25/5 from 12:00 to 22:00 8€ at the ticket office and 6€ online.

FULL PASS for all days 12€ online.


When are you open?
We open the first weekend of every month (except in August).

What's the opening times?
From 11am to 9pm Saturday and Sunday.

Is there access for the disabled?
There's some bumpy areas, but we do our best to give all the facilities for a comfortable tour. Our staff will help you with anything you need.

Is there gluten-free and vegan food?
We always try to have some food display with each option. 



Is there a fee to participate?
Yes, rates are detailed once you have registered on our website through the EXHIBITORS ACCESS button.

How to participate?
The only way to participate is by registering on our website and surpassing the selection process.

I sent my application but haven't got an answer yet.
There's many candidates and the selection process is slow and meticulous. Either you are accepted or rejected you will recieve an e-mail response. The application does not guarantee the participation.

I've made the payment but I cannot apply for accreditations.
Applications will be available one week prior to the event, once you have received the entry protocol.

Can I participate one day only?
No, Palo Market Fest is held throughout the weekend and you have to engage the two full days.

To questions such as: what happens if it rains? Do I have light? Is the furniture included? What are the stand measurements, etc.? 
You can check out the conditions here